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CSM Property Sellers is an extension of Clear Spring Management, Inc., which is a business administration and asset stewardship company specializing in real property, as well as financial and human capital.  The core focus of Clear Spring Management, Inc., is on making a difference today with tomorrow in mind through serving others with strategic decision making, effective problem solving, and education.  Today, this is carried out primarily by creating positive outcomes for distressed property owners, and their properties – turning the distressed into the destressed.  On the opposite end of that, those problem properties are then rehabilitated or developed in an effort to encourage and optimize property ownership while enhancing and revitalizing communities.


CSM Property Sellers is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently focused on moving those distressed and problem properties in the Atlanta-Metro and surrounding areas into the hands of those individuals and companies who can effectively do the rehab and development that can make a difference today with tomorrow in mind.


Having a passion for serving others and solving problems, our company is led by its President & General Manager, Brad Timberlake – a twenty-year marketing and sales veteran of the world’s leading producer of live touring family entertainment and action sports spectacles.  After his career in the live entertainment industry abruptly ended in March 2020 due to a global pandemic and the banning of mass gatherings that resulted, Brad looked inward and outward for how he could continue to make a positive impact in people’s lives and in the world around him – and perhaps an even bigger and more meaningful one beyond bringing families together to experience joy through live entertainment.  The answer came in the prospect of helping relieve distressed property owners of their overwhelming burden, while also helping others to acquire and satisfy one of their most basic needs – that being shelter, or a place to call home.

With our twenty plus years of high-level professional business experience at the helm, our vast network of resources, and our ever-growing knowledge of the industry, we’re able to assist current and prospective property owners through a variety of challenges.  At Clear Spring Management, Inc., we pride ourselves with being able to work one-on-one with each client to handle their individual situations.  And, with the ability to directly purchase properties and make cash offers, we can create a faster, more affordable, and more hassle-free transaction for all involved.


To establish accountability and demonstrate our core focus (of making a difference today with tomorrow in mind) in a meaningful and measurable way, our company has set some big goals.  By the end of the year 2030, Clear Spring Management, Inc., aims to help 1,000 distressed property owners become destressed, while giving back $1,000,000 to assist select non-profit organizations who are committed to aiding those without a home or those requiring more affordable housing options.  This means that every time you buy a property from CSM Property Sellers, you will not only aid yourself in meeting your goals and objectives, but you will also help others achieve theirs.


If you consider buying your property from CSM Property Sellers, you should recognize and appreciate three main characteristics we bring to the table.  First, our professional experience is tenured and runs the gamut, but ultimately…it has reinforced to us the importance of treating others the way we want to be treated.  We understand that some of the basic keys to successful client service include respect, honesty, transparency, open communication, grace, and following through on commitments.  It’s a two-way street though, and we expect the same of our clients.  We seek to earn your trust, and the best way we know how to do that is by having our actions line up with our words.  We’re held accountable by a higher power, and we prefer to lay our heads down with a clear conscience.


Second, we value being accurate over being expeditious, but we strive to be both.  It’s the blessing and curse of being a precisionist.  We believe in the timeless wisdom of “measure twice, cut once”.  This also means we strive to be thorough in our dealings with clients and other parties that may be involved in the process.  We’re a small business that doesn’t have the luxury of a big operation that can run you through a proverbial assembly line, but we believe that our type of care and attention is to your advantage.


Third, we believe every problem has an answer, even if we’re not the ones to provide it.  We’ll show you what we can do in easy-to-explain and easy-to-understand terms, and with one or more options depending upon the type of property involved.  We realize we’re not always the right seller for everyone though…or, we may not have the right property for you at the present time.  It may be that your answer and your property can be found elsewhere.  When that happens, no sweat.  We’ll wish you the very best as you look for other alternatives.


If you like what you’re reading here and we sound like a company you’d like to have on your team, we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and assist you in reaching your investment goals and objectives.  Let us know how we can help you by joining our Preferred Buyers List and completing your Investor Profile.

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At CSM Property Sellers, our core focus is on making a difference today with tomorrow in mind. We carry that out by moving distressed and problem properties into the hands of those individuals and companies who can effectively rehabilitate and develop them in an effort to encourage and optimize property ownership while enhancing and revitalizing communities.

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